Step Towards Equality

This is just going to be a short post, but it’s going to be full of nothing but awesomeness, I swear.

Today, Obama has finally declared his support for gay and lesbian marriages. I know he’s getting a lot of shit for it. I know he’s probably doing it to get extra votes, but I’m still unbelievably happy about it! Out of all of the candidates for President, he’s the only one whose even ACKNOWLEDGED the LGBT community. He’s the only one actually trying to help us. Whether he actually supports it or not, he isn’t AGAINST it, and that means so much to me honestly.

I’m a lesbian. I haven’t come out of the closet to everyone because I know that there is still a lot of controversy in the LGBT community. I mean, where I live, a person can get fired from their job for being gay. It’s actually a law! That’s scary for people who are gay and want to come out, but obviously can’t. But now, I’m tired of hiding who I am. I am finally proud and happy to say that I am a lesbian and I will fight for LGBT equality until my dying day.

LGBT Pride Parade San Francisco 2009

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